16years ago, I had seen a computer for the 1st time in my life. My love for this crazy machine has always increased since then. I still remember that day. A small boy who even didn’t have seen a calculator(or at least didn’t touch) was going to see the computer.
I was in grade 3 studying in Divya Jyoti Higher Secondary School at Rajghad-6, Jhapa, Mechi, Nepal. That was the 2nd school of my life that I’ve been a part of. It was one of the regular Thursday. Our class teacher had already informed us that we will be seeing a computer after the last grammar period. We were all excited about that & were waiting for grammar class to finished. When our grammar teacher came for the last period, she came with very bad news (well not for me though). She said something like this,

“Only the 3 people who will finish the class work 1st will have chance to see computer & to learn how to play sword game (Type Sala). Remaining students will have to wait till tomorrow”.

I become worried cause I was poor in grammar(I still am). But I don’t know what happened that day…I finished all of the grammar classwork with the correct answer. Not only the correct answer I was 3rd person to submit the copy to our teacher. I was over the moon when mam said I can go now to the computer center. The Assistant was waiting for three of us.

The computer center was in 10 min of distance. When we reach there, the computer operator’s uncle was waiting for us. He welcomes us with a big smile and showed us the computer and its main part one by one. There were only 3 computers at that time there. He then teaches us to start the computer & open type Sala program from the start menu. We were asked to enter the alphabet as it appears on screen in arrows. I began entering words with my finger one by one. When we match those words, arrows would kill the enemy.

That was the learning game. We were there for about 45 min (I guess) but that small encounter with that world-changing machine had somehow created a great effect in my coming days.

After that day, my next turn to use the computer came only after 15 days of waiting & the process continues for the rest of the year. I don’t know why we were not allowed to use the computer after class three & I have wait 2 years to use & to see the wonders of computers again.

Thanks to MB (Maoist Group), they closed the Divya Jyoti school, which force me to go to Kathmandu (capital city) for my further study were my real meeting with the computer began & our love with each other never become less since then. I’m now about to graduate with a Bachelor in Computer Engineering from the Institute Of Engineering, Western Region Campus, Lamachour, Pokhara, Kaski, Nepal.